Rivertree Church Covenant

As brothers and sisters in Christ and attenders of Rivertree Church, we come into covenant relationship with each other and agree that we will treat and speak to each other with respect, honesty, forgiveness, encouragement, patience, mercy, trust, tact, love, truth, integrity, and confidentiality, respeting authority and will listen and not gossip. This code of conduct extends to the larger body of Christ; individuals and churches. We agree to the authority of God’s word and to strive to live lives in Christ and in united relationship with one another. We agree that we support the priorities of Rivertree: being Christ Centered, Kingdom Focused, and Relationship Driven. We will support the church to the best of our ability by giving of our time, energy, finances and our hearts, to the church and to one another that we might all grow closer to fullness in Christ. Additionally we give each other permission to speak into our lives under these guidelines and agree that if there is a conflict, we will resolve it and not walk away from it.

If we speak wrongly or involve a third person who is not part of the solution to a problem, we agree to go quickly and directly to the person with whom we have the problem and tell them about it. We all agree to be held accountable to this, and to help hold others accountable to this in love. When we speak to one another about these things, we agree to go in love and humility, with pre-forgiveness and truth, and with a strong desire to understand the other person. If Matthew 18, involving two or three others as witnesses, and if still not resolved then to the leadership of the church. We recognize that we are all imperfect. If we fail to live up to this agreement, we will admit our wrongs, ask for forgiveness and give renewed permission to be held accountable.

Each one of us, as a condition of involvement in the church, commit to upholding this covenant and supporting a culture of Christlikeness, honor freedom, discipleship, worship, learning, growth, prayer and intimacy, all empowered by the Holy Spirit. It might not always be easy but it will always be worth it!